There’s a world outhere you need to listen to.

I have a hobby, I called it a hobby ’cause it gives me pleasure but it’s actually a daily task, and it is: listening to podcasts. Every time I go do something that doesn’t necessarily need all my attention (specially auditive attention): I give the time to it.


I just hit download and soon enough I’m listening to all my favorite programs whenever I feel like it. The flexibility of knowledge being just one click away from me is freeing.

As soon as it gets to the opening seconds of each program I have my “closest” friends, teachers, professors, authors, story tellers all back talking to me. Then in a single moment, I’m already learning, discussing, having ideas and pondering things in my head. My mind and other senses are immersed in this audio experience. Haven’t you noticed it yet? It’s very practical:

Right? Well, who dares to learn and have fun doing all of these tasks:

  • go through an exhausting trip
  • wash the dishes
  • waiting for the bus to come
  • laid down on a bathtub with eyes closed
  • walk without looking at cellphone

There’s this saying:

Knowledge speaks, Wisdom listens.

That’s the whole point of podcasts! You can get to flexible information anywhere, anytime, you don’t need a screen to get to the important part, you just listen to them. And if you don’t like what’s out there and want to speak for yourself, you’ll have to: get a mic, edit and work hard to even have a voice in this media.

Pay more attention to them

The world of podcasting and their fans is greattry to ask out there for names like This American Life, Reply All, Tim Ferriss Show, The Joe Rogan Experience, Serial, among others. These names, I’m sure, will sound at least familiar to them. I have some data to back me up, there are about 96MI podcast listeners in the US, being 57MI active listelisten(liste to it at least every month). Despite the market being big, it’s very scattered. We see a lot of communities on Facebook, some others on Twitter, even Patreon has a part of its fans and podcasts there. Hence, there are still things to evolve in this market, and the future can be big if paid attention to.

How’s the future for podcasting?

Podcasts are more than audio discussions and topics, they go further. It’s flexible information at anytime you want. What does that mean? It’s easy access, easy consumption. Whatever you’re doing you can listen to it. Literally a world of possibilities.

In order to spread the word out there, we as a podcast community need to work together to make this dream a reality. We need to show what podcasts are all about and WORK ON IT.





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