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More Podcasts on # PodcastFriday posts. On this section, we share podcasts we learned about on that week. This way we can collaborate with the community by bringing out these hidden gems to the core listeners and helping the community to spread out through the media world.
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#PodcastFriday Week 4 of August

Last week we had an interesting episode going on in the science world. We had a full eclipse, as “science-people” call it a Total Eclipse. So based on that, and always supporting the podcast community, we, at Podk, made a simple list of podcasts and programs that you can listen to and understand the astronomy and the event as it is.

Here we go with a program to enjoy:


In this section, Fraser and Pamela (the hosts) talk about what happens in a Solar Eclipse and how to get to see the event (Already gone by now). They do have previous episodes with the same subject, just click on the link and check out their website.

Other Astronomy podcasts you can check out:


Their latest program is an interview with Charlie Duke, one of the few to land and march on the moon’s terrain, the interview is detailed by Duke and his missions. The podcast is rather interesting and vary on subject matters.

I chose a specific show because it demonstrates Paul’s energy (show’s Host) and the way he is passionate about what he knows and shares. He goes very simple on his words to develop curiosity and interest on his listeners. This is a must.


It’s not a podcast, it’s a cool initiative to introduce astronomy to others by CosmoQuest. They post facts related to Astronomy EVERY SINGLE DAY. It goes from Podcasts to Q&As posts. You can find lots of information if you’re an astronomy-head.


…More Next Friday!


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