There’s more indeed. Podcast is a whole world of audio experiences, I could continue to give tips here and go on and on.

The idea is for you to find your path with the help of these posts though.

It’s a talk show, that is not an actual talk show with patterns of an ordinary interview/interviewee show. Chris, Matt, and Jonah make a very awesome and dynamic environment for the guests, thus the show is very open and humorous which make the guests feel comfortable. They can explore different sides of each guest without any type of media-standard-questions. Fun show.

Who knew that architecture could be so fascinating? The subjects talked on the show will make you look at the world differently after that. This podcast is so well done, passionately crafted and thoroughly researched by its makers that you can see these nuances throughout the show itself. Also, every program has a new topic which makes it harder to get worned out by it. Roman Mars is a great storyteller and his voice can be soothing to your ears.

The show, and its host evolved over time to become a show in which journalists, writers, and authors, tell narrative pieces of all sorts. Topics range from the mundane to some of America’s most pressing matters. The stories are a roller coaster of emotions, you can feel sadness, happiness, fun and still learn a ton (sometimes in a singular episode), it’s that surprising. Ira Glass has a gift for picking people and stories that mesh with his dedication to informing and entertaining. Thoughtful, provocative and kind.

A stand-up comedian that’s worked with some of the industries biggest names, Maron’s podcast features interviews with all of your favorite comedians. Seriously. Dude’s guests have included Chris Rock, Robin Williams, Ben Stiller and so on. Marc is smart and cares deeply about things. He is very good at interviewing and at the beginning of every show he adds some personal thoughts that he is dealing with. It’s about someone who is not afraid to speak his mind and sometimes getting others to speak theirs.

This podcast can give you a scheduled weekly dose of girlfriend chat that speaks about issues that truly one’s care about — pop culture, politics, feminists and rad women. Needless to say it’s a show NOT only for women. Ann and Amina, the hosts of the show, are thoughtful, have a wide-ranging perspective of the world and can teach you a lot about womanhood. They both have an awesome chemistry that makes the show even better, hit subscribe for them.

Captivating, quirky, and not-entirely-serious listening. The show is not always the most informative, it is very fun and entertaining all the way though. You’ll laugh and hear some spooky stories from the past. It varies from UFO’s to ghosts and the dynamic duo Andrew and Jess are hopeful skeptics mixing fun stories within the programs.

There are much more styles and programs beyond the ones presented in these two posts. You can’t limit yourself when the subject is podcasts (actually you can’t limit yourself ever if you wanna grow in life), search for the subjects, interact with podcasts and find your golden formula to it. I’m sure you’ll have fun.

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