Podcast is a media so big that you’ll have to dig through podcast-catcher-apps and find one that will suit your tastes and personality. This post is meant to get you started though, so we’ll introduce you the most popular and successful ones, each one has a different approach so you can identify with it and search for on your own.

I don’t like to stand out the programs in subjects because one program can be many things. And that’s the fun part. Have a look:

Tim Ferriss, well known from the 4-hour book series, interviews guests which he refers to top-performers, trying to take out their best advice and habits. His interviewees are rather interesting and he asks very incisive questions. You can learn a bunch just from that. To join more to the show, Tim produces great content as well, when episodes are only about his guidance you can see his true passion for exploring and experiencing new habits and strategies in life and passing on those words. There are a variety of topics and I’m sure you’ll find one just for you.

It’s a curiosity killer show. Interesting narratives even when the subject is not that appealing, it provokes the status quo without being preachy and it’s best for innately curious people. Alongside with the great storytelling made by Stephen Dubner and his team, they make/find researches to back them up in every episode in a great way and the best methods. The way they tell you stuff is awesome and remarkable.

Alex and PJ, the hosts, make a great way to report the strangest, darkest, and most fascinating aspects and details spread out on the internet, and more, in a very entertaining and funny way. They sound like close friends when talking to us which adds a very casual and special tone to the program.

The idea behind this podcast is to make a question in each episode that will develop to the stories. It shows a wide range of topics in future technology. Ben Johnson, the host, has a great and smooth style to approach each topic, it’s very enjoyable. While some people make the point where technology is bad for us, Codebreaker starts with the question and then, the understanding of each part of our future society.

It’s a show where you can find thoughtful sex positive discussions. With status quo boundary-pushing talks and ideas from the two girls that make the program alive, the show is very interesting and it connects with its public. Both of them are comedians so you can expect laughs, but if you are an easily offended person, you’d better think twice before hitting play.

The startup podcast is a story-telling podcast where its focus is business variations, such as very subtle parts but not less important of a businessman life. The narrative is not clear to be didactic material, you can learn a lot from it though. The stories are not directed to teaching business or how to manage a business, but it makes you ponder and doubt some things over their stories.

If you haven’t heard of Serial yet, you must be new to podcasts. This show is very well known all around. Serial podcast is the standard that other crime fiction shows aspire to be. It’s addictive. The research they do before is honest and covering. They put the facts all laid out for you to see and imagine your own way (which makes it more fun and enjoyable). Sarah’s (the show’s host) voice is very clear and adds to the show’s drama.

Covering random topics from all over the internet, Jeff Canatta and Anthony Carboni show you can learn a lot and hear so many interesting things while laughing your ass off. They report topics sent by their listeners which makes a very interactive podcast. Sometimes they babble with their brilliant improv bits still inside a same topic, it could go off from there, but the fun is there.


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