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More Podcasts on # PodcastFriday posts. On this section, we share podcasts we learned about on that week. This way we can collaborate with the community by bringing out these hidden gems to the core listeners and helping the community to spread out through the media world.

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#PodcastFriday Week 1 of September

This week we’re gonna go a bit random and just share podcasts we thought it would be fun or AT LEAST interesting for all of you. I tried to find different types of podcast and programs because we have a lot of subjects there are covered and loaded with people talking about (Game of Thrones and pop-culture much?). The podcasts below will show you from The simpsons in a different and fun conversations to Hunting.


It’s a show about everything curious. It’s only at the beginning but the you can already listen to it and perceive a high quality and production with great content. The content is clearly chosen by hand and particularly explored by the team. The hosts x and x always invite someone especialize and help them out in the task to kill the curious mind on that subject.


The Simpsons is never out of fashion. The Simpsons are the icon of an entire generation. So in every episode these guys talk about Simpsons episodes, wait, it’s not boring at all. They debate aspects, stories behind the courtains, meanings, the writer’s point of view and more. So if you’re into The simpsons but also into everything the series has get into, you’ll enjoy it.

An awesome story. Well crafted. Well executed. Core fans. This is Sayer Podcast. Sayer is also the name of a character inside the story, it’s rather honest and sometimes what he says it’s as important as what he doesn’t say. It’s about a machine with a goal. It’s worth a listen.



Deep and thoughtful, always caring. This is the Mental Illness Happy Hour, a show about tabus, truth, showing up and living beside chaos and catastrophes. It’s about the human mind and its particularities (good or bad). It’s a support podcast.

This particular program has a pitch (as Paul, the host, would describe: it’s a person telling a story about an issue in her life, it lasts minutes) told by Matt Shepherd and its his story about Binge-eating, pornography and sex addiction, difficulties in open up to people and open the mind to be vulnerable and the lost of a person.

I like this model because listeners can know that their struggles are other people’s struggle too. Having problems and being vulnerable in life is completely understandable and normal. You can learn from these episodes and take a look at yourself. It’s pretty helpful, hopeful in a way and awesome.


  • Drips & Draughts: Make and Serve Craft Beverages on Draft
  • Episode 073


The Drips & Draughts Podcast is dedicated to the craft beverage industry and all markets that could potentially be serving craft beverages on draft. It goes from sparkling water to cold brew coffee, and yes, there’s beer.

This program is all about a cold brew coffee from a series within the podcast on the subject. It’s the final episode of it. And as they describe: “In the final installment of our Australian Cold Brew Series, we’re joined by Leigh Mellington from Beat Coffee out of Melbourne, Australia. Leigh brings a little something different to our series as he’s not just a cold brewer, he’s also a roast, so he is able to have complete control of his flavor profile from roasting to cold brewing.”


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